Philosophy & Beliefs

We believe in our collective appetite. Desire is natural. Tend to it.

We believe that food created at a level of shared culture nourishes the collective hunger that dwells in all of us.

We believe that satisfaction, salt, crunch, warmth, creaminess, spice, and nourishment are the sensations — among many others— to take into deep consideration when food is being made. This is what we do when we make food for you.

We believe that mushrooms and vegetables belong in every part of your day. Every day. Forever and ever.

We believe that your food is beautiful.

We believe that eating your vegetables is more than a habit or identity. More than an act of resistance. More than an an ideology or a resolution. More than a solution to changing to fate of this earth.

We believe it can be what you desire. And desire is a force of nature. A force that can change more than we know.

Welcome to Vegetable Love Spells.